CfP: Creative Bodies—Creative Minds

CfP: Creative Bodies—Creative Minds
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The third international, interdisciplinary conference in gender research 25-26 March 2024, University of Graz, Austria.

Organized by:

  • Sociology of Gender section, Department of Sociology, University of Graz, Austria;
  • University of Applied Sciences Graz;
  • Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz.

The third Creative Bodies—Creative Minds Conference 2024 will explore the gendered and political aspects of current, historical or everyday creative practices. DIY-making, as a form of everyday creativity, carries a different meaning in different political regimes (such as in the former Eastern Bloc, liberal market democracies, or post-colonial context). Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns exemplify how everyday creative practice is/was an adaptive response to external circumstances. We witnessed how digital media enabled sharing of creative responses to the constraints, including the use of humor (“from zines to memes”) to cope with the situation, express care and solidarity, and maintain relationships. We are interested in exploring creative adaptations to external circumstances across different political, economic and gender regimes.

For more information, download the CfP.

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